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The central part of Israel is a transition area between these two biogeographical regions, where desert biota is replaced gradually by Mediterranean biota.Along its 470-kilometer length, Israel embraces landscapes that are normally separated by thousands of kilometers in other countries.Mount Hermon in the north boasts snowy slopes and alpine fauna and flora, while the Gulf of Eilat, in the south, harbors spectacular coral reefs and colorful fish that represent the tropical zones.Israel's commitment to nature conservation, characterized by a wide variety of programs, is by no means a recent development.Concern for all living things and prohibitions against environmental degradation may be traced back to biblical sources.Indeed, the first chapters of the Book of Genesis emphasize the vital link between humanity (adam) and the earth (adamah) and introduce the concept of stewardship by enjoining man to work the earth and to watch over it.

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Their successful campaign assured not only the survival of the Hula habitat, but the birth of Israel's nature protection movement.

With a small land area, Israel is characterized by a wide range of physical conditions and by a rich variety of flora and fauna.