Dating site for siberia

28-May-2015 22:40

The south corner is Lake Baikal, and the East is the Okhotsk sea and the Pacific Ocean.The River Lena is central to Yakutia, it is a main route along which inhabitants migrated, and along which people may have settled as much as two millions years ago.Rosa Bravina, who was Professor of Ethnography at Yakutsk University and a white shamaness, told me Yakutia has four corners. Indicating a diamond shape with points to the north, west, east and south.

It was given this name by the Russians who first arrived there in the early seventeenth century lured by tales of a civilized people with lots of silver.

They named the people Yakut and their capital city Yakutsk.

Siberia is so big that you cannot see it all at the same time from space.

In this (artificially enhanced and coloured view - no clouds) it is still night in the south-western part, you can see the lights of the towns.

The Yakuts called themselves the Sakha, and their capital Saksary.In 1991 Yakutia became the Sakha Republic (but part of the Russian Federation).

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