Dating services for learning disabled adults

24-Jul-2015 14:54

I imagine that across the board, you are likely to encounter many views and perceptions from people, ranging from- ignorant, to- understanding and nonjudgemental. Some issues arise-Are you upfront in your profile, stating your Achilles heel?Do the opposite sex want to know such things before you meet for a drink? There is also the severity of disability to consider.Dating4Disabled is an online community for people with disabilities.Our members use our dating service not only to find love, but also friendship.Dating for Disabled is a great way to meet other singles with disabilities; so what are you waiting for?!

Just wondering if anyone out there can relate to this?Dude, that is an excellent topic, kudos for putting it out there.I "suffer" from them too, only recently uncovering the source of my difficulties.It can/does affect many areas of life, relationships included.

Okay I've been on this site for a while now, I've seen threads about every kind of social issue I can think of,except learning disabilities. how are learning disabilities viewed by people who don't have them?

How much of a factor are they when setting and pursueing goals? higher education, career advancement, personal growth,etc. I have found my learning disability to be a barrier to many things I want to achieve!