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He is the Antichrist, Beelzebub, Lucifer, a devourer of wedges. (gets angry) But we didn't have that kind of marriage, did we, Al.

He's smarter than you, he never eats, never sleeps, and he reads every medical journal no matter how obscure. He sat there and watched his wife die, and he helped her to die, because she was in so much pain, and he loved her.

We treat them as soon as we can and there's no need to apologize for how long it takes. Carol (to her guests at the wedding): I don't know what to say. But I guess I'm just lucky to be alive and have so many good friends who care for me. Doug: What can I say about Mark Greene that hasn't already been said? You were exactly where you have always been your entire life: someplace else! I just never realized how much you fell in love with them. For the most part, the training has been excellent, but I just feel that ultimately I don't belong in surgery and I would suspect that you would agree with me.

I've been considering it for quite some time, and I feel that I've made an error in selecting surgery as my specialty.

If you're going to keep your feelings, you're going to get sick from time to time. Hicks: When I was a resident, I was always worried about getting people's approval, the attendings', the patients', maybe because I was a woman, a black woman. Haleh: I've known Mark Greene since he was a wet-behind-the-ears med student. Every smile was some new page to be poured over, studied, touched, remembered. For the first time in a long time, I didn't feel alone. I think everybody knows how he overcame adversity as a child of Quakers, his years in exile, his political writings and limericks, his mod period with the turtlenecks, his blue period and of course, his ruthless march to power and the silencing of his rivals. Little Susie was like a storybook, one you never wanted to put down. Carol: [to Jeanie] I swallowed a bunch of pills a few years ago. You'll go to sleep at night wishing plague and pestilence on his unborn children, and you will wake up every morning praying for his approval. We didn't love, we didn't cherish, we didn't respect and now you've killed me!

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Carter: I've been contemplating leaving the surgical program. When I got back to work, people either smothered me with kindness or treated me like I was invisible. Kerry: [to Mark] We know that everyday some child won't make it home from school, some father won't make it home from work, but if we allowed ourselves to think that could be us, we couldn't walk out our front door.