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I like the self checkout at Home Depot,but I've never used it at any grocery store.Guess I figure it's too many items to do myself and the cashiers are getting paid to check your purchases for you.I'm not impressed, there is no advantage I can see to using them, & several disadvantages.1) When self serve gas pumps were introduced, the incentive for the motorist was that the gas at those pumps was a few cents lesss than at a full serve pump; the self serve checkout at the store gets you no discount even though you're doing the bagging, scanning etc that was previously done by the cashier.2) You're taking away a cashier's job3) If you want cigarettes, bus tickets, a bus pass or stamps you have to go to the customer service counter after you scan & pay for your groceries; at a cashier checkout the cashier would get these items for you.4) Didn't realize it until I got home but Safeway is currently having a breakopen ticket contest, & you get a ticket with your purchases to break open & see if you won anything.If you use the self serve counter you don't get the breakopen ticket I didn't mind the scanning ( although if I had some produce there I could see it being a problem, since there's no bar code & I'd have to find the product # and enter it) and the bags are still free ( at Safeway, anyway).Not sure any of the checkers lost their jobs over these things, could be they just spend more of their time at wok stocking shelves or something.

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Heck, I've hardly gone to Superstore since they started making you bag your own groceries. If you have a few items that have scanner bar codes, and there are a lot of people in check out lines, it can be an advantage.

The stores are gearing up to compete with Walmart Super Stores that will eventually begin to pop up.

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