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A Spanish word could have one meaning in one region and a different translation in another region.

There are several options for you to expand your search.

If you need to find the difference between very similar Spanish terms you can use the Web or Wikipedia search tools to see results relating to that Spanish expression.

Using the letters below you can search the English to Spanish dictionary manually.

To see all the English words in the English-Spanish dictionary beginning with a certain letter select it below.

You can then browse the list and view all Spanish translations as well as synonyms by clicking on a word or phrase.

In order for new user-contributed Spanish phrases and words to be permanently included in the English-Spanish dictionary they need to be approved.

Enter a Spanish word or phrase in the text field to search the English-Spanish dictionary.

Naturally you can also input words in English you want to translate to Spanish.

Are there any technical Spanish translations you did not find in the dictionary?

Using the fields below you can easily add your knowledge to the English-Spanish dictionary.

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Latest word suggestions by users: wyvern, Holy door, detective story, retaliation, guidance counselor (more) You can be a part of the community on and join us in making our English-Spanish dictionary the best and largest in the world.

Our goal is to be the largest provider of free online dictionaries in the world. Translating from English to Spanish is different from case to case depending on many factors.

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