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19-Jul-2016 20:27

Myth #2: Sex Is What Matters the Most Yes, sex is important to men. (At times it might seem like the only way we do.) But one of the big secrets about men is how much they long for real solidarity with their partner.

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Next time you see your mate's desire for sex as chauvinistic, remember that he may be asking for proof that you and he are the team he fantasizes about.Myth #3: A Man Is His Job For most men, the pressures of work stem from two things: a desire to excel at something (a principle of manhood we were taught as boys) and a need to contribute to the well-being of our families.Convincing a man that it is masculine to open up—in fact, it takes more cojones to do so—is a cause women should embrace.By encouraging men to reveal their true feelings, women are helping them release pent-up emotions, leading to a happier and healthier guy.

Do I let my wife know how much something is bothering me or will that come across as not being in control?

Do I speak my mind at work or does that risk being seen as too emotional?

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