Dating pot smokers Sex chat between boy

03-Aug-2015 20:16

Then, she touched my hand and asked me if I smoked mids or dro. Once I left the army, I started dating a liberal arts co-ed whose best friend was a drug dealer.

I'd drive out to visit her every other weekend; when we weren't fucking, we were hanging out with her drug dealer.

They're impossible to forget, regardless of how stoned you might be every time you see them.

The ideal dealer is friendly, reliable, and just weird enough for you to want to keep a healthy distance from him in your personal life.

James Franco in Pineapple Express Nearly half of all Americans have tried marijuana, and weed use is increasing at a steady rate.

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Extra points if the dealer has a personal brand, but making any effort to retain happy clients in the booming weed economy is all that's necessary.But good customer service is easier in theory than practice, which is why solid, responsible dealers stand out.In either case, you know that weed smokers don't ask for much.They want good bud at a good price from a good dealer who responds to their text messages.

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There were five kids between the ages of six and twelve talking to the cashier, who looked like their older sister. She put her number in my phone as "Mizz 'Handy,'" which was a nickname for the gas station we were in.I sheepishly put my blunt wraps on the counter, and the kids looked up at me and started making weed jokes. " It was awful, and I felt awkward that this was happening in front of their sister. I visited Mizz Handy regularly: She would take me into the bathroom where there were no security cameras, and we'd make the exchange. I spent most of my young adult years in military school and the army, so smoking weed was out of the question.