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03-Jan-2015 17:37

If a foreign man marries an American woman and they live in the United States, she would be cast in the leadership role in some aspects of their relationship.

Perhaps you will see some things here that you have not considered.

We are not trying to convince you that marrying someone from another culture is right or wrong.

For example, a well educated man from Latin America may not receive the same respect he enjoys if he lived in the United States or Australia.• Growing up in another culture means that the gender role models for your children may not be what you would consider to be good role models.

(Example: Machismo in Latin America, outspokenness in American women)• You may need to consider the effect of the “home court advantage” on your marriage.

That is something you will have to determine for yourself.

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These same things can be a source of frustration and conflict, misunderstanding and hurt.Before you marry someone from another nation, take a look at this list.