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(On our web page you also can find not only language exchange but also language teachers, freelance translators and proofreaders, e-mail friends, penpals, etc.) Example (language exchange English-Spanish): Sarah is an English girl (Sarah's first language is English).

At the moment Sarah is learning Spanish at a language school.

At the moment, Maria is learning English at university.

First, Sarah and Maria talk for 45 minutes only in English.

Maria corrects the mistakes (pronunciation and grammar) which Sarah makes in Spanish.

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is a web page for people who are searching for a language exchange.

During this time Maria learns to speak better and more fluently in English.

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Afterwards, Sarah and Maria talk for 45 minutes only in Spanish.

This time Sarah learns to speak better and more fluently in Spanish.

A language exchange is when 2 people with different first languages meet each other.

Each person speaks his first language, the language the other person is trying to learn, or wants to start to learn.

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She meets once a week with Maria for 90 minutes in the cafeteria.Maria is a Spanish girl (Maria's first language is Spanish).