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You must book your hotel through the website to qualify for the rebate. The index measures what people actually pay, instead of the advertised rates, and then compares them year by year to measure trends from around the world. Latin America and the Carribbean are experiencing a massive surge in their HPI index numbers. Facebook Page – Following on Facebook is highly recommended.The company that eventually became actually started out as a phone reservation service called the Hotel Reservations Network (HRN), which was started in 1991. They frequently post quick videos checking in on their mascot, Captain Obvious.

This year published a study that ranked the most popular domestic destinations for U. Twitter Account –’s official Twitter account is okay.

It has lots of travel tips, but they are so basic that I’m not sure if they are trying to emulate their mascot (Captain Obvious) or not.

In 2001 the original founders sold the company to USA Networks Inc, which also bought a controlling interest in Expedia. Expedia was spun off as its own independent company, taking with it. 1) Las Vegas, 2) New York City, 3) Orlando, 4) Los Angeles and 5) San Diego. They also have cool factoids, and just a generally funny and relaxed approach to social media.

And there you have it: Expedia and are owned by the same company! Plus they also post sales and promotions, so that you won’t miss out on any amazing deals.

To reveal the coupon code just click on the big red coupon button below the offer you would like to redeem.

Rather than discounting the price at checkout offers a mail-in cash rebate program, and you must use the coupon codes below when checking out on their website to qualify for the rebate. I was surprised that two Canadian cities made the top five destinations, but I guess it is a much shorter trip up to Canada! For the past 11 years, has been publishing a twice yearly review of actual prices paid by its customers at hotels.