Dating old horseshoes

07-Oct-2016 17:32

A horseshoe is considered the luckiest of charms the world over, most importantly a horseshoe that has been worn.There are many cultures that have believed in the protection and good luck of the horseshoe for many many centuries.The devil paid him and left, but the Blacksmith threw the money away knowing it would bring him bad luck.The devil, after walking some distance, began to suffer pain from his new shoes.The Irish, known for their good luck, uphold the tradition more than most and their horseshoes are considered to be the most lucky of all.

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The story goes that a wise old blacksmith was hard at work making horseshoes which attracted the attention of the devil who wanted his own hooves shod.The Blacksmith recognized the devil and nailed on a red-hot shoe, driving the nails deep through the devil’s hoof.