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15-Jan-2015 09:48

She places high value on brand names, and feels entitled to wear “the best.” She frequently purchases new clothing, and does not distinguish between wants and needs. She enjoys being photographed, and often asks others to snap her picture.She enthusiastically shares the best pics of herself on Facebook or other social media sites.One has to be careful with these prescriptive lists of traits as they can be misleading if taken too literally.Plus, people often seek information out on the net and only see what they want to see, not taking into account their own flaws in thinking, their own jealousy issues, and then they 'diagnose' someone else.

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Narcissistic personality traits can be difficult to detect at first.

Narcissists always make a strong showing right out of the gate, and it takes time for them to reveal their negative qualities.

They will only do so w I, sadly did fall in love with and dated a narcissitic women for over a year.

The traits that ring true to me now are the "never wrong" "no empathy" and the love of brands.

Over time this type of person will suck the emotional blood out of you because you can never give enough while you get comments like " i cant give you what you need or deserve" I an too dedicated and committed I always felt thing would work out , howver, although Im still getting over it , I know I dodged a bullet A person can have several of these traits and not be a narcissist at all.For example, a person may love dressing up in costumes or putting on makeup and may love taking self-portraits, but may be kind, caring, and never jealous and not care about being the center of attention.