Dating my step cousin

27-Jul-2015 17:46

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I think if my hubby and i split up i wouldnt get into another relationship its not fair on the kids or on any future kids i would have because its almost impossible to have a blended normal family with the word step involved. I had a baby as a teenager, and his father and I split while I was pregnant with him. I got married, then divorced, and now I'm common law married with my boyfriend.To those who do manage it mind i am full of admiration. My parents were divorced when I was a toddler, both remarried. I bring four children to the relationship, he brings one.Mind its taken 14 years of hell to get to this point so please dont judge too harshly.She is the typical spoilt daddys girl had everything her own way from the moment her father left her mother because hubby felt guilty.I have watched Shawn deal with my four when his son is around, and everything is equal. That child was there before you, and that child should not suffer at your hands.Sooooo, I am a stepmom, deal with my child's stepparent, AND have stepparents!

Some families blend seamlessly, others have it rough the entire time, do you think this affects any of the above?

[deleted account] Im a stepmother and i can honestly say i hate my stepdaughters guts.

I do think it would be helpful if everyone states which one of the three they are.

Do you think that step children and biological children ever truly receive 100% the same things/treatment from parents (in terms of anything you can think of: gifts, attention, criticism, support...whatever)?

So I believe that some of you are step moms, some of you have children who have step moms (or dads if you have remarried), and some of you have no experience with the situation.So I think it will be very interesting to see what each of the three different groups takes this one.