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People used to ride their horses around west Hialeah and Miami Lakes until both became more congested.

The road was old rock road south of 53rd Street and unpaved north of 53rd Street. The tall roofless silo west of 12th Avenue and 54th Street - you weren't a man if you couldn't climb all around the top of the silo's perimeter without falling to your death.

The entire Palm Springs area was once part of the expansive White Belt Dairy owned by Dr. We discovered some guy's hidden partially buried smut collection in a box one time near that silo and we all turned into big fans of women. There were 2 lanes in each direction, it had a speed limit of 70mph and had a grass median with no dividers in the middle to avoid head-on collisions. They were only allowed to broadcast during daylight hours and I got to turn the station off at sunset a couple of times because I delivered The Miami News to the station engineers for a while.

I painfully learned never to jump off the hay wagon when the farm hand was driving south on W.

12th Avenue to the main farm south of 49th Street at about 20mph and I didn't want to walk that far home.

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We put the box back because we didn't dare take that stuff home and we revisited it a few times later until some other scoundrel took it. 12 Avenue being a dirt road north of 53rd Street with deep ruts and huge potholes that would swallow a Volkswagen Beetle. The WAMI 1260AM "Whammy in Miami" radio station transmitter and tower located in the wilderness at about where W. The horse ranches along the east side of the Palmetto south of W.It was barely more than an old paved rock road south of 53rd Street running south to the farm house south of 49th Street. 68 Street where you could rent horses to ride by the hour.These are some of my memories of Hialeah in the late 1950's, 60's and 70's.Please feel free to leave yours in the comments since I can't remember everything due to Heineken-damaged memory cells.

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12th Avenue (between 53rd and 60th Streets) where farm hands would mow the hay which would get shot into large tall hay wagons with chicken-wire sides, pulled in a train of several wagons by a farm hand on a tractor.We would hide in the unmowed hay and hop aboard the tail end of the hay wagons and ride around for a long time bumping through the farm fields.

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