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We expect guests that wish to share a room will take initiave in finding a room mate, but the organizing committee can provide some assistance if needed. Unfortunately the form of our vendor does not seem to verify this and only charges for the number of nights that were selected in the dropdown menu. Obviously you can only stay as many nights as you purchased :-) If your institution or business permits you to pay using their funds, then please send the institutional or business check promptly to ensure that your registration is complete.

They are: The registration page allows for both purchasing conference tickets as well as (optional) on-campus housing within a single order. UCLA has made a limited number of on-campus dormitories available for conference guests to stay.These rooms can be purchased on a per-night basis along with the conference provide scholarships for participants who would otherwise be unable to attend, to help fund the social aspects of the conference, etc.To learn about how to become a sponsor, types of sponsorship, etc, download the sponsor brochure: [pdf] [odt] In 2014, the conference will be held at the campus of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

In so doing, your organization will gain visibility among prominent statisticians and in the large R user base.Funds from sponsors will be used to enhance the conference, e.g.