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02-Jan-2016 22:15

Azan hems and haws, but indicates that he is worried about Nicole’s stature, because he has only seen a head shot on the phone. Nicole and Azan embrace, and Azan later notes that while she’s pretty cute, he was surprised that she was “big a little bit.”We join Matt, who shares his excitement about reuniting with his future bride, Alla, 30, who is arriving from Ukraine the next day.

Alla has a seven-year-old boy named Max, who speaks no English, and Matt has three failed marriages under his belt.

We meet Matt’s mom, Mery Ann, who is ecstatic about the new romance, but hyper-attached to her son.

We listen to Mery Ann relationship counsel Matt, clearly a quack if you consider her child’s failed history.

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We catch up with Nicole, 22, who is preparing to jet to Morocco, and leap into the arms of the love of her life.

Nicole is dying to hug the junk out of her fiance, because this meeting will be the first time that the couple meets in person.

Nicole is super naive, but just can’t wait for that first kiss from Azan.

Her mom wishes that she would just come back to earth, and get real.

Her worried parents drive her at the airport, as Nicole shares that her judgement skills have a dicey history.Her parents don’t really trust her choices, and for good reason.