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Colin Craven’s eyes are grey like the mother who died in a fall from a tree in her walled rose garden; Harry Potter’s are green as were his mother’s. Colin’s mother’s name was Lillias; Harry’s mum was Lily. Both adventures are largely the story of two young boys and a little girl.

takes place in a single year, early spring to late summer, and involves three children 10-12 years old: a wealthy, spoiled, and sickly young man, a materially poor man-child of the moors, and a cousin of the semi-invalid who is an orphan just home from India.

In Chapter 25, The Curtain, he pulls back the curtain in the moonlight and leaves the painting for all to see; “I want to see her laughing like that all the time.

I think she must have been a sort of Magic person perhaps.” The House of Black features prominently in , it is certainly an odd place, and the painting of Sirius’ mother in the entry hall is kept behind moth-eaten velvet curtains.

Colin and Mary love her sight unseen and Colin asks her to be his mother on his first meeting her (Chapter 26, “It’s Mother! The Weasleys are always short of funds, if they are a small family compared to the Sowerbys. Colin and Harry both own mansions that are, in Colin’s word, “queer,” and both feature the painting of a mother behind a curtain that is disturbing to the son.

Colin and Mary repeatedly describe the Manor as a “queer place” and Colin has covered the picture of his mother’s smiling face because “sometimes I don’t like to see her looking at me. Besides, she is mine and I don’t want everyone to see her” (Chapter 13, “I am Colin”).

The Potter adventures begin when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are 11 years old and continue for the next eight years (with an Epilogue snapshot of their later lives). The poor boy’s mother, the matriarch of a significant clan, in both books adopts the motherless lead character from afar.

In , Susan Sowerby is the mother of 12 children and all but penniless but she is known for his wisdom and directs the upbringing of children at Misselthwaite Manor by direct conversation with the Lord of the Manor, through her daughter, and with the help of a school friend. Weasley is Harry’s de facto wizarding world mom and becomes his mother-in-law at story’s end.

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I was surprised at the paucity of thoughtful commentary about (Thanks to Josh Harvey for pointing out these correspondences in his Christmas letter.) 1.

Throughout both novels, repeatedly and from almost every character, the eyes of the lead character are said to resemble the eyes of that young man’s late mother.

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