Dating love site man and woman in dominican

20-Nov-2015 07:42

A Sanky Panky is a man who is going out with a foreign woman with the sole purpose of extracting as much money as possible from her.

Some will also be looking for a visa out of the country.

Love does not come into it, and when the woman has outlived her usefulness, and the money dries up, she will be unceremoniously dumped for a newer and richer model, by which stage she will probably have spent thousand of dollars on her Dominican man.

So here are 10 ways to spot a Sanky Panky in the Dominican Republic.

For those unable to find their special partner in their home country, the Dominican Republic is paradise indeed.

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Home to the highest mountain in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, and the lowest point as well, the salt lake Enriquillo.

Tourists come for all sorts of reasons; some come to dive, to play golf, family holidays, honeymoons, college spring breaks, and some come looking for love.