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27-Jul-2016 17:52

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Surely, our God is a good God and faithful towards us!

are from “everywhere”…places like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, New Zealand, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, and the U. My plan was to simply disregard these gestures with little more than a shrug and carry on with my day.

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“Are you married or single” is usually the first, and it’s important to note that “in a relationship” is generally not an option because the next question will most likely be: “when are you getting married/why aren’t you married? This is an “All or Nothing” type of operation they run in Ecuador with respect to relationships.

However, should you answer in the negative for the marriage and kids questions, there would be two outcomes.

(1) The the men would undoubtedly pursue you and (2) you would be asked an overwhelming amount of intrusive personal questions about your dating history as if the intruder were a doctor trying to diagnose what exactly is wrong with you.

— In their own words: Starting off on my eight-month trip to South America as a single American woman, I was well prepared for the extremely forward behavior of Latin men towards the fairer sex.

Today’s guest post is by two women –Lisa Brignoni and Thembi Mngadi– who write about their experience of being single in Ecuador and South Africa…one who grapples with the ongoing inquisition of “why aren’t you married” in a culture different from her own , and the other who is confronted by her own culture that has not advanced as far as she has.My most memorable interrogation was with Roberto, a biologist from Ecuador who while grilling me pretty hard about my singleton status asked, “What’s so difficult about finding someone?