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OCTOBER 2012 If this message is corrupted or you are unable to view images please click here.THE EARTH - Online Monthly Newspaper of the "Ringing Cedars" movement.Nature is very responsive to what we feel,and radiate.And in the city: I have two older children which I used to drive to the kindergarten, went to work afterwards, spending 10 hours there, including the road, in the evening I picked them up from kindergarten: and this way my routine- every day.And suddenly I realized,that I wouldn't be able to live like this–my life had no sense.We grow vegetables for the entire year, and cannot imagine, eating any other vegetables, which are not grown by us, but rather bought somewhere in the store. And by the way, the local villagers also know this and prefer to grow their own vegetables and potatoes.ANNOUNCER: Is there any difference in growing your own products? And for me, on the contrary, it is difficult to imagine how to live any differently.PREVIOUS ISSUE | ARCHIVE Language Selection: Vlad Kirbyatev is the founder of the eco-settlement of Grishino, and has already been living in the settlement for 10 years.

VLAD: I did, in fact, originally somehow already felt that I could not live in the system where: you spent 8 hours at work, to do work that you might not really love to do, but rather have to ...Now we eat our own products, which we grew with our own hands.When guests come live with us from the city, they always ask: "How can you live without running water, without the high salaries, withoutcomfortability of urban amenities?" And we think: "How can you live without clean air, water, fresh and tasty food, without this beautiful nature, without stars, which are not visible in the city, without the singing of birds?

" We cannot imagine how you can live without all of this.

MARINA: I like how Feodor said it: "to live in the city iseasier , although in the village is better." Of course, in the village when the child goes outside the whole world is his/hers, and he creates the space around himself/herself.