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15-Jan-2015 13:41

Tower of Power was also the first Tower of Power album to feature future Saturday Night Live band leader Lenny Pickett, who was the youngest member of the band at the time, replacing original lead sax player Skip Mesquite.

Also joining the lineup was organist/keyboardist Chester Thompson and guitarist Bruce Conte, who replaced original guitarist Willie James Fulton.

Tower of Power is the third album release for the Oakland-based band, Tower of Power.

This is their most successful album to date, which was released in May 1973. 15 on the Billboard Top LPs chart in 1973 and received a gold record award for sales in excess of 500,000.

As a breastfeed-until-they’re-in-braces type, I never thought I would spend so much time writing about formula!

So here is more information that I hope will help those of you looking for the healthiest infant formula on the market.

I’ve previously stated that if I were formula feeding, I would go with Holle (from Germany).