Dating industrial complex

04-Dec-2014 03:30

Known locally as "Murrays Mill" this sprawling complex of buildings on 11.3 acres has a distinctly European flavor with internal streets scaled for the horse and buggy and handsome brickwork.

Most of the buildings are constructed of brick load bearing walls with heavy timber interior structures supporting wood plank floors and various roofing systems.

ABOVE: This 2nd color photo is the North and East elevations of the old administrative office building in 1999. A stone plague set into the brickwork above a drive through a central archway announces 1889 as the official first year of operation, following a European and American tradition of dating buildings for future generations. He soon set up shop in a small wooden shed on the Western & Atlantic R. Boyd became a full partner in the firm, then known as E.

Cast iron columns can be found on the ground floor of several of the buildings and building heights range from one to three stories.Beside demolition, the roof is the most defining factor in the survival of old buildings.ABOVE: This photo was is taken in 1999 of the same southeast walls as the c.1910-1915 aerial etching.The old main administrative office building (Building # 10 in description towards bottom of page) is seen in the foreground.

Unfortunately, some of the relatively delicate heavy timber roof systems at Murrays Mill require constant and vigilant maintenance.

For about the last 20 years some of the buildings have been slowly slipping into picturesque decomposition.