Dating in shanxi province china

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Together with Shaanxi and Henan, Shanxi province is positioned in the fertile Yellow River valley which was the nucleus for the development of the distinctive Chinese civilization.Most of the land is covered in loess - loose calcareous sand which is ideal for crop cultivation when irrigated.By its side stands a large white Dagoba (a Buddhist stupa).Set apart from the main group is the ‘Temple of Buddha's Halo’ with buildings dating back to Northern Wei and Tang date.Six ceramics and two baked soil samples collected from the famous Xian Terracotta Army Site have been dated by using fine grain (2–8 μ) TL technique.Five samples of pottery sherds exhibited peak TL at about 275°C and 395°C gave the TL age ranged from 2.13 ± 0.14 ka to 2.25 ± 0.14 ka and a mean TL age of 2.20 ± 0.15 ka, with a good plateau in the range of 290–400°C.The TL dates of the ceramics and baked soil are consistent with C-14 dates on charcoal samples taken from the same layer in Xian Terracotta Army Site.It is consistent with other evidence that the Terracotta Army figures were made about 2200 yr ago and that the site burned down soon afterwards.

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Shanxi flourished up to the Tang dynasty, after which time the growing importance of the Yangzi basin; incursions by northern tribes; growth of sea trade and decline in use of the Silk Route all took their toll. In the last hundred years extensive coal deposits have led to rapid industrialization and the province suffers from the attendant pollution - Linfen was classed as the world's most polluted city in 2007.

The surrounding mountain area has extensive coal reserves. Founded way back in the Shang dynasty at the Springs that form the source of the Jin River, the temple has been much altered over the centuries.

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