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It’s almost certainly less a political agenda than a marketing strategy, but the key point is, the people inside the Progressive Online Media bubble don’t think twice about their pro-LGBT enthusiasm.— compiled by Wombat-socho OVER THE TRANSOM Proof Positive: You Can’t Spell Socialism Without Cialis EBL: Hillary Eats Soul Food Twitchy: “Should We Keep Going?” Senator Sasse Nails POTUS For Obamacare Lies Louder With Crowder: Uh Oh!

New Report Shows DOJ Blocked FBI From Investigating Clinton Foundation RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES Adam Piggott: Book Review – by Lawrence W.Reed American Thinker: The Sleeper Issue For Nine Million Americans That The Media Will Not Cover Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily News Da Tech Guy: JD Rucker – The Difference Between Scandals?Weasel Zippers: ISIS Throws Hotel Pool Party, F-16s Crash It – 67 Jihadis Dead, also, When Racism Hits Its Fever Pitch – Mediaite Gets Vapors Over “KKK” Sign At World Series Megan Mc Ardle: Anthem Threat Highlights Obamacare’s Big Test Mark Steyn: Public Policy Is Not A Natural Phenomenon Today’s Digital Deals Amazon Outlet Deals Shop Amazon Fashion – Men’s Suits Under 0 Lauren Strapagiel is a fat Canadian lesbian with a pierced nose and tattoos.This 27-year-old cliché of a Third-Wave feminist is social news editor for Buzz Feed Canada.

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Every digital publication striving to reach an under-30 readership seems to have adopted this attitude, as if they were being published under the auspices of the Metropolitan Gomorrah Chamber of Commerce.Anyone might easily suppose there is some kind of Online Journalism Bible, within which is compiled a list of commandments that includes, “Thou shalt pander to homosexuals, and shalt not offend them.” practice even among Millennials (no matter how badly confused they may be), we might speculate on the rationale of this pandering mentality.