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Work that Bootie: Mashups and Musical Politics, Ben Aslinger Studies of mashup culture and DJ practices have discussed the role of software, the mainstreaming of the remix, the challenges that underground mashups pose to intellectual property law regimes, the role that definitions of transformative value may play in constructing new models of intellectual property that allow for remixing practices to flourish, and analyses of how the aesthetics of collage and juxtaposition are used in specific mashup tracks.

This broad field is increasingly relevant to museum practice as museums experiment with digital modes of presentation and communication, including virtual exhibitions and other online extensions of the physical visitor experience.

Analysing User-Generated Content for Social Science, Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Fabio Giglietto The goal of this paper is to present an innovative methodology to exploit user generated content as a data source for sociological research.

abstracts and papers [Arranged alphabetically by author(s).

Abstract titles linked to full papers when available.] When Art Creation Is Ephemeral: Digital Migrations of Contemporary Time-Based Media and Obsolete Space-Based Media, Lanfranco Aceti Ephemerality characterizes a great part of the preservation effort in the field of contemporary digital media.

The issues of ephemerality, deterioration and disappearance affect relatively recent artworks, less than 10 years old, that have been based on digital media formats suddenly obsolete, costly to preserve or simply no longer reproducible.

This paper analyzes the opportunities and challenges that these conflicting parameters – ephemerality vs. space – offer in the analysis of the history of media as well as their influence on contemporary artistic and curatorial aesthetic strategies. : Blogging and Distribution and the Experiential Products in the Age of Social Networking, Tim J.

The methodology will be presented by discussing a specific research case study project.

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May specific media-products get user generated generational discourses started?

If so, may those discourses be used to investigate the shared generational we sense?

It also strongly deals with youth as future consumer of printed information sources and the future reader but at the same time is takes into account general situation in reading.

History in Motion: Digital Approaches to the Past, Paul Arthur This paper surveys the digital history field, highlighting trends across historical, cultural and literary studies, heritage, archaeology and geography, as well as library information, screen and media studies, multimedia production and interaction design.

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Anderson The internet has changed the music industry and the shift has influenced every aspect of distribution.This includes those practices concerning the mediation of promotional materials such as advertisements and review copies, and generation of publicity, i.e. By analyzing blogs with the focus on independent music that express interdependent sets of relationships via blogroll listings, links and acts such as cross-posting, the paper will explain how these media entities operate as social assemblages by drawing from the assemblage theories of Deleuze and Guattari, Manuel De Landa, and more traditional network theory. , Maria Anikina General focus of surveys in the base of this paper is reading of printed media and reading as a process in contemporary Russian society.

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For Abstract Submission click here Martin Ward President, Horatio: European Psychiatric Nurses May 2017.… continue reading »

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