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03-Sep-2015 12:30

We surveyed a variety of experts to find the most common warning signs a person is about to get dumped --including psychologists, body language experts, graphologists, private investigators and a divorce attorney.

And here's what we found: Where the toes point, the heart follows.

According to graphologist Karen Weinberg, QDE, a person who is thinking of ending a relationship will show clues in her handwriting.

According to body language expert Patti Wood, MA, CSP, you should, "look at your sweetie's feet when you are out with other people." She says, "if they are pointed at you, great." If they're pointed at someone else, your partner may be looking to walk.

Is your sweetie anxious to end phone conversations right away?

Of course, the second he gets a little distance, he's going to make a run for it.

According to Bill Raduenz, private investigator, a person who looks up into the air and to the left when she speaks to you is "not being truthful." The look left is an indication we're using the "creative" side of our brains and a good indicator she's telling you a whopper. A person who gives you a hug while patting you on the back is indicating that they are uneasy. Another important sign that things may not be going well is the amount of contact during a hug. The one-shoulder hug, or pulling away in other areas could be a sign the person is "distancing" in the relationship.

According to Raduenz, the "hand pat" on the back indicates someone is uncomfortable with what they're doing. If it's a new relationship, the other person may not be quite ready for that level of physical contact.

If it's an established relationship, it could be a sign the person is pulling away, or getting ready to break off the relationship. According to body language expert Wood, a person who is about to dump you will display a lack of open "windows" towards you. If your man turns his heart (the center of his chest) away from you as you are talking to each other, it's a big sign he's not interested.