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13-Jan-2016 02:02

And then later on down the road I could be more "real" with her.

I even tried being more like a "player" to jack up women's attraction for me.

I'd talk to women about my hobbies and what I thought was interesting, but I never seemed to get anywhere.

When I was on a date, I'd ask a bunch of questions - because I'm supposed to show interest in her in some way.

After a while I started being a little "flexible" with the truth.

I found myself purposefully hiding certain facts and even exaggerating things about me to impress her, because I figured she would find me more attractive up front.

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Well, that actually backfired on me, too, because even though I got them more interested in me at the start, I started having less success getting another date with them.I lost her trust by being too intense with the player vibe. You can find a thousand techniques out there, and only a handful that actually work for you. I wasn't very original, and I started feeling and acting like a clone instead of being unique.My game was actually WORSE when I was using pickup techniques than when I was just being "myself." I've heard from a lot of guys that picked up a copy of the book "The Game" telling me that none of the lines and openers they got from it work anymore because ALL the guys are using these techniques. These routines and techniques that guys teach on TV reality shows are just to give you of the type of things that women find interesting, and the word-for-word routines are not meant to be parroted to every woman you see. You can learn to play a Led Zeppelin tune or two if you want, and you'll sound like Jimmy Page. And that's how using routines and lines can actually cripple your success with women, because you are undermining your belief and confidence in yourself by using borrowed words.Again, the biggest mistake we make as men is assuming that because what you're doing isn't working, that means that it's YOU that's at fault.

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As if you're entire value as a man is based on a skill you've never been taught.

Just like the example I just gave you of the guitar style I was trying to find, there are TONS of "systems" and outer game techniques out there that work the same way.

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