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Lynn abandoned the marriage and the home in February 1999 and secured a divorce from me in December 2000.I am 71 years old, and have been a United States citizen since 1965. I consider myself to be a “private person” and not a “celebrity,” as are my children, within the meaning of that phrase as it applies to the laws of libel. Defendant Lawrence Harvey Zeiger aka Larry King, hereinafter referred to as Larry King (“Larry”), is believed to live and reside in Washington, D. He is the host inter alia of a television interview show, LARRY KING LIVE, the vehicle which carried the offensive material. (“CNN”) has its main office, according to its website, at 1 CNN Center, 100 International Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30348.He is regularly traveling away from his hometown, believed to be Washington, D. and broadcasts from various places around the world. It is a “Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Limited Partnership.” 4. “TBS” has its main office, according to its website, at 1 CNN Center, 100 International Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30348. Defendants, in my case, have helped California Family Court to insure that I and my children get none.TBS is a division, I believe, of the Time-Warner Corporation, or owned by them. Defendants “Does 1 thru 10” consist of the producers and miscellaneous support for the program LARRY KING LIVE. I live in the Central District, Western Division, of California. Service of process is being perfected upon CNN and TBS by service upon their registered agent, CT Corporation, at their registered office, at 1201 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30361 9. This case is being brought for Defamation, Assault, Libel, Slander, and Interference of Judicial Processes, tortious acts performed upon me, stemming from the effects and results of a broadcast carried to millions of viewers in North America and I believe worldwide, with the cooperation of, under the direction of, and through the facilities of, CNN and TBS and possibly Time Warner on the LARRY KING LIVE television show, on the evening of May 22, 2003. DISCUSSION OF CASE As Plaintiff, it is my hope that Defendants will be punished for their alleged offenses, and that they will take due care before someone else falls into their trap.Remember, posting dates are for reasons of architectural separation, not the dates things actually happened.

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TRIAL BY JURY DEMANDED (SECOND AMENDED) VERIFIED COMPLAINT FOR DEFAMATION ASSAULT, LIBEL AND SLANDER Judge: Hon. COMES NOW Plaintiff, John Clark, appearing pro se, and respectfully states his (second amended) Complaint for Defamation against Defendants, Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, which was his birth name and is believed to be his legal name, now better known under the name believed to be possibly his alter ego Larry King (“Larry”); Cable News Network, LP, LLLP. I have resided in Los Angeles County since 1981, and currently reside in Hollywood, California.The program is carried by the facilities of CNN, which is owned and operated under the direction of TBS and possibly Time Warner, and possibly broadcast in foreign countries under license. These parties are subject to the jurisdiction of this Court with proper venue. FCC regulations are required to allow REPLY time to individuals who have been personally attacked on the air under the fairness doctrine. Title 47, Chapter 5, §558 (Criminal and Civil Liability), a provision of the United States Code, recognizes that Defendants, as cable programmers or cable operators, are subject to the provisions of and pursuant to “Federal, State, or local law of libel, slander, obscenity, incitement, invasions of privacy, false or misleading advertising, or other similar laws.” Plaintiff will show in court proceedings that defendants were in fact in violation of all or some of these laws. I was denied Due Process and Equal Protection of the Law guaranteed by Article XIV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, by the State of California. The jury will hear, view and review the evidence and decide whether these facts should have been known to Larry King and his producers at CNN and TBS.Defendants should have been aware of my battle with the State of California, and my past, current and future battles. DECLARATION OF OBJECTIVES AND DEFINITIONS § 3001, as well as local and state laws protecting me as a senior citizen. The United States Constitution was created, as it says in its opening words, to “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility . They will learn what took place in the events of my life leading up to my being thrown out of our debt-free beloved home for 21 years, and escorted off the premises by armed police on September 13, 2001, onto the street, while I was still on the telephone inquiring as to the lives of three of my children who I knew were situated in New York City at the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and remained silent to me.By their offensive broadcast, they became an influence upon its outcome, thus interfering with my rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. Also violated were protections afforded me as a senior citizen under Title 42. This event happened as a result of bizarre rulings sought and obtained by my wife from now retired Family Court Judge Arnold H.

This complaint was filed in District Court, Los Angeles, on September 23, 2004.

As it contains useful details of my personal story, I post it here again today.