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Support Bollyn's 9-11 research and writing Donations can be sent to: Christopher Bollyn 3 Golf Center, Suite 365 Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 (USA) Or by Pay Pal to bollyn at bollynbooks dot com Thank you THE ZIONIST AGENT - U. Hellerstein is a Zionist partisan, a dedicated supporter of Israel, while the in the 9-11 litigation is an Israeli company (ICTS), which is closely tied to the Mossad. Hellerstein has a huge conflict of interest in the 9-11 litigation, which he presides over.The latest shoddy parody of a 9/11 lawsuit was “settled” yesterday in New York, where Judge Alvin Hellerstein ordered American Airlines to pay Cantor Fitzgerald half a billion dollars.The upshot: The right hand of the financial forces behind 9/11 will slip the left hand some chump change with a nod and a wink.The vast majority of 9/11 family members were bought off, and the few who resisted, with a few notable exceptions like Mariani, were coerced into silence.Yesterday Hellerstein ruled that American Airlines was negligent when it allowed boozing, coke-snorting, lap-dancer-dating, pork-chop-relishing “radical Muslim suicide hijackers” commanded by a terminal kidney patient in a cave in Afghanistan to seize planes and use two airliners to conduct high-tech controlled demolitions of three skyscrapers.

Furthermore, Hellerstein's son Joseph is a lawyer in Israel and works for the law firm that represents the Israeli company - ICTS.

The Zionist-controlled media has utterly failed to inform the public of this egregious conflict of interest.

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