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24-Mar-2016 18:27

On Wednesday, Tinder announced it would be unveiling yet another world-changing feature to its dating and hookup app: a group-dating feature.

Tinder Social, as it’s being called, is currently being tested in Australia, but it will be rolled out internationally in the future.

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“When I first saw that I could see everybody I was a little bit shocked because I figured that a big app like this would give a little more privacy than that, especially considering when first signing up they make a big deal about no one on Facebook being able to see that you are using this app," one user told Business Insider.

Tinder hastily added an addendum to its blog post to clarify the privacy of Tinder Social.

"Whether you’re looking for groups you share common interests with, or you’re looking for a completely new adventure, Tinder Social is a better way to go out with friends," the post continues.

It’s unclear what the “new adventure” is that Tinder refers to—perhaps it looks like two groups of friends uncomfortably standing around at a bar, every person individually swiping through Tinder on their own phone and not speaking.

If you’re in a relationship and don’t use Tinder anymore, for example, but you haven’t deleted your account, your profile still very much exists, even if you’ve deleted the app from your phone.Others, understandably, have a reasonable expectation of privacy and want the dating app to value discretion.

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