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What parameters do you have in terms of time and money? For example, my great-uncle died at Gallipoli in 1915 with the Herefordshire Regiment, but why was he serving with the Herefordshire Regiment, what was it like to be a private in this regiment, where did they serve, when did he enlist and when did they move overseas, why did the regiment go to Gallipoli and what was the context of that campaign, how did he die? We now have the benefit of history, but at the time, what would an individual known and how would they have interpreted it?

You can consider the level of your research by using: Political Strategic – War Cabinet & Parliament; Military Strategic – Chiefs of Staff, Senior Commanders; Operational – Corps/Divisions/Brigades; Tactical – Battalion/Company/Platoon Remember Kipling’s 5 W – H: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?

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During Do not assume – if you don’t know, say so; Do not assume a fact is correct as stated, check and check again; If you find contradictory statements, explain that openly; Check the provenance of websites; Compare different sources – Check & Confirm; Corroboration strengthens evidence; Use primary sources were possible; With secondary sources – view the Bibliography; Handwritten documents may be difficult to read; You will not find everything you want to; Some conflicts will not be resolved (at least with reasonable effort).Take account of different spellings of names, and use of shortened names, alternative forenames, nicknames or aliases.