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20-Nov-2014 02:51

Then, of course, we get into a circular argument: if dating sites are now only populated by inebriated dare-takers, why would I want to join? Just like the bar, or a blind date, or even through church or work, you'll meet some people you connect with, and others you just want to avoid. Devote 15-30 minutes a week to searching and/or replying to folks, and then you can focus on something else.There's zero "Is he interested," or, "I'm too shy to say hi".If you walk into online dating thinking everyone's a loser, then that's what you'll find.Part of me misses those early days, only because everyone was pre-screened in some form or another; only the most intelligent, tech-savvy and resourceful folks found themselves online at that point.Now, anyone can drunkenly dare their friends to put up a profile, and many do.

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Of the list, the one I encounter the most personally is getting recognized on the street from a dating profile, while with my clients and friends I hear of folks seeing people they know more often than not.And that, is part of the answer to your question Jake: are your friends, colleagues, family members, and loved ones' losers? They're normal just like you and I, and looking for love, sex, companionship, marriage.. The idea that online dating is only for the "lesser-than" likely stems from its formative years, where the men outnumbered the gals 50 to 1 and only the nerdiest of the nerds understood how to use a BBS, Telnet, or other forms of comparatively primitive online communications to score a date.