Dating for freshman in highschool

11-Sep-2015 12:54

She was getting nervous about the big move and this really helped her face the future. She was laughing so hard and she couldn't put it down.This is one of the funniest books I have ever read!Having already been to college, I knew exactly what Arrington was talking about in so many parts.For the most part it is humorous and has enough wit to keep most readers interested.

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This would be an especially good gift for a recent high school graduate.I bought this book as a going away to college present for my daughter on her eighteenth birthday just a week before she was to start college.In a mix of philosophy on 8 am classes to explict directions on doing laundry (useful for most guys I know who have been doing their own laundry with much, um...obvious...abandon for years), he manages to cover all the bases of college life.His insight and humor is astounding, and whether you are about to start college, or have graduated a long time ago, I'd recommend this book.

I felt it was very down to earth and a very easy read.Zach does his best to make incomming freshmen at ease with their transition into college life.