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27-Nov-2014 20:00

There is nothing in the vision laid out by Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, that creates the space for such acts of hatred.The idea of unity through diversity runs through Pakistan’s history and helps to define its society today.“Muslim Cleric Calls for ‘All-Out War,’” by Riyadh Mohammed, The Fiscal Times, April 2, 2015: …Amid the ongoing Sunni-Shiite wars, on the eve of April Fools’ Day, an audio recording was circulated online of the man who presides over the holiest site for Muslim around the world.

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I met him a week before he was murdered; last week, I saw his brother, Dr Paul Bhatti – a trained surgeon who has now become minorities adviser to the Pakistani prime minister, and helped set up a new Ministry of Harmony – and spoke to him about the plans Shahbaz and I had been discussing.Back in March, when Shahbaz was murdered, I said that the soul of Pakistan was not in these attacks.The imam of the grand mosque in Mecca, the holiest place in Islam?How did Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Sudais miss all the Qur’an’s peaceful teachings that Barack Obama, John Kerry, and David Cameron find so easily?

dating fatwa urban dictionary-81

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Hearing that call from al-Sudais in the grand mosque in Mecca is an unprecedented escalation of hate speech (though, for what it’s worth, Al-Sudais’ page on Facebook didn’t confirm his alleged comments).

“Remember the date of 3/31/2015, the day the Shiite-Sunni war was announced.