Dating fatherless man accommodating religious practices

30-Oct-2015 13:16

I have a loving father who introduced me to the Lord at an early age.

Not only has he been a Godly discipler, but he’s been a faithful husband, a concerned brother, a church elder, and a respected employee.

But for some reason, in our family at least, Father’s Day has never had the same resonance that Mother’s Day does. When my brother and I were kids, the churches our family attended would give mothers a carnation or something on Mother’s Day.

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Every Father’s Day, however, though a general announcement about thankfulness for dads would be offered from the pulpit, that would be it.No token gifts were distributed to the dads in the congregation, and only males who had progeny were acknowledged, not all men in general, regardless of whether they had kids. SEE ALSO: What Your Husband Really Wants for Father's Day For my church at least, Mother’s Day was a gender-based holiday, whereas Father’s Day, to use a Biblical phrase, was a “fruit of the loins” holiday.Gifts for moms usually run the gamut, too, from cheap jewelry to fancy chocolates to bouquets of flowers, while dads maybe got a monogrammed golf shirt, or a new necktie.SEE ALSO: Father's Day for the Fatherless Showing Dad He Matters Now that golf’s popularity is on the decline, and most men don’t wear ties anymore, what do families get their fathers these days? I was at our local mechanic having the oil changed in my parents’ minivan last week and another customer there was bragging about the custom steel bumper his kids helped him buy for his pickup truck on Father’s Day last year.

I used to wonder if single women find the distinction patronizing.

As if failing to include them somehow indicates they are less of a woman because they aren’t mothers themselves?

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