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18-Nov-2014 12:50

Which 'Bachelor in Paradise 3' couples will get engaged on the season finale? At the end of August 2016, Amanda and Josh and Grant and Lace were definitely still together. That's what fans are wondering after tonight's shocking episode. Josh Murray and Nick Viall’s feud just got worse after Haley and Emily Ferguson warned Amanda Stanton about Josh's intentions. Will we see a lot of splits the week of the finale? Carly and Evan have been quieter about their relationship, but we hear they give it a serious shot. She knew Lucy’s spirit would help her on this journey. Amanda Stanton was warned yet again about Josh Murray while Caila Quinn said she wanted to go home. started where last week’s left off: With Caila confronting Ashley Iaconetti. Unfortunately, things did not work out for Jared and Caila. definitely played a role in Jared and Caila's relationship. She prayed to Lucy that some new guy would come on . Plus, there was no one else there to distract Ashley I. Then Wells called everybody over and they waited with breathless anticipation as he asked Ashley I.

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Jared said they cared about each other and Ashley I. But ultimately she was not the one to break them up. It was “demoralizing.” Jared said he liked Caila and he needed to figure this out. Everyone was hoping Wells would choose Ashley I., but he talked with Haley first. Caila and Lace Morris also told him to ask Ashley I. They liked each other’s Instagram accounts already, but Wells wanted to go into this with an open mind. could see he was more into Caila than she was into him. admitted that it was still hard to see Jared with someone else. going on a date, Caila and Jared could finally relax on . before their relationship and now they could put their relationship first. Caila thought she could fall in love with Jared and was definitely giving him her rose.

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and Wells, meanwhile, went on a date getting tacos on . She talked about how hard it was while she was in Paradise. to use him to make Jared jealous, but she said she was really into him.