Dating email from angola

16-Apr-2016 22:19

Savimbi” stringing him along and setting up a fake meeting in Dublin to transfer funds and make them both millionaires. Savimbi has grown quite frustrated, but I’m going to go ahead and post the entire transcript before the saga is complete. The whole thing starts off rather tame, but once Patrick’s broken english and “kooky-kitten-kat” stories kick in, it goes way over the top.From: Augusto Nandu Savimbi To: Patrick Fisher Subject: URGENT, PLEASE HELP. Jonas Savinbi, the leader of the UNITA movement in Angola.If you’ve ever received one of these e-mails, perhaps you’ve been tempted to help poor Augusto or one of his siblings out of the horrible predicament that has been thrust upon them by the oppressive government of Angola.

This friend Patrick has been trading e-mails with “Mr.

With all the genuine relief efforts going on in the world right now, it’s easy to lose sight of the fake ones.

Particularly the plight of poor Augusto Nandu Savimbi, son of Jonas Savimbi, recently slain leader of the UNITA movement in Angola (pictured at right).

He send the box to a security company overseas in one country in the West, for safe keeping with a false name.

Date: Mon, This letter may come to you as a surprise but I really prayed to God to help me choose somebody that will be my true partner. May be you know that my father was killed recently in Angola by the Angola Government soldiers and has been buried.Two weeks before he died (May be he know he will die) he called me and showed me a box containing US$ 35 million and some Diamond value about US million.