Dating electro harmonix pedals university of minnesota mankato dating

07-Jul-2016 05:18

Some companies don't have specific guitar pedal dating information on their sites, so try to visit the support section of their website and see if customer support may be able to give you insight on dating their electronics.

It can't hurt to send an email to the company and see what happens.

Visit our guitar pedal manufacturer page for guitar pedal official websites.

Is the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man worth the investment? We need to look at sound quality, features and overall cost, to know whether or not the Deluxe Memory Man is a good fit for your pedalboard and you musical situation as a whole.

But, they can also be approximately dated by pot codes.

Guitar pedals and some guitars can be dated by their pots.

Have you ever wondered if your Guitar Pedal is a vintage pedal?

Most pots (potentiometers) on guitar pedals and guitars subscribe to the Electronic Industry Alliance (EIA). A pot is basically the component that controls volume and tone on your guitar or guitar pedal. Pot codes give you the build date of the pot only not the pedal or guitar.Therefore the code on the pot can be dated as long as the company producing the part was in the EIA. So guitar pedal dating by pots is basically used to get a roundabout date for your equipment.

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