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04-Aug-2016 12:14

I make 0 a month and it only takes me 1 hour of work. There’s a simple reason why all kinds of micro niches are being neglected at this very moment: the herd mentality.

And it also proves that there are thousands of micro niches out there that have yet to be explored. More on that in a minute.) The Biggest Myth About Finding a Profitable Niche If you’ve been trying to find a profitable niche, I’ll bet you’ve heard this mistaken advice over and over: only get into niches where there’s lots of advertisers, because that’s a sure sign that there’s money to be made. You should NOT get into niches that have no advertisers, because if no one is advertising, surely there’s no market. I call these “micro niches”, and they’re perfect for newbies. Because I’ve personally entered a bunch of markets that had NO information products before I entered them. Which means there’s room for other infopreneurs to enter the goat niche with ebooks on how to raise other breeds of goat.

Moe Muise is a Clickbank vendor and affiliate who lives in Bali and holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics.

This might seem like a safe route – until you consider the amount of competition that is in the “proven” niches.

If you’re a newbie, it’s actually safer to choose a niche that has little (or no) competition, so you can make some easy sales and build your confidence. ” Before you open a new browser tab and Google “Kim Kardashian fake eyelashes”, consider these points: How to Find Your Own Micro Niche to Profit From If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking “But I’m not into goats. ” Great question (although I’m slightly offended that you don’t like goats).