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Most earthquakes and associated information are in the new Com Cat Earthquake Catalog, which the new Significant Earthquake Archives uses.If you're looking for some particular information associated with an earthquake that you don't see on the eventpage for the earthquake in the Significant Earthquake Archives, return to this page and try the earthquake link in this list.This review surveys previous attempts to apply TL techniques to paleoseismology, and determination of the age of sediments associated with seismic events.However, while the use of TL has been a great success, the wide application of TL has been hampered by the problem of daylight signal resetting.The investigation, which was centred on a remote river terrace near Lake Mc Kerrow about 35km northeast of Milford Sound, and supplemented with information from the Haast area, found evidence of 24 surface ruptures of the Alpine Fault dating back to 6000BC.Scientists used a range of investigation techniques, including radiocarbon dating of seeds, leaves, and reeds contained in swampy sediments, to determine the ages of the ruptures.

Applications of luminescence dating of geological materials have undergone extensive development and refinement since 1986 when Mc Calpin first attempted to date faults using thermoluminescence (TL).

Today, luminescence methods offer high potential for dating paleoearthquakes and coseismic and post-seismic deformation features over timescales ranging from 10C methods, they offer a useful alternative approach with advantages in terms of age, range and scope of material.

Although the application of luminescence dating has in some cases been successfully described, a comprehensive study outlining and defining protocols for routine luminescence methods to paleoseismology and neotectonic studies has not been forthcoming.

The dating measurements were made at GNS Science’s Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory in Lower Hutt.

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The findings dramatically improve the known earthquake history of the Alpine Fault.Previously scientists had determined the ages for only the last four earthquakes dating back to about 1000AD.