Dating during divorce decree nisi

02-Nov-2014 01:51

You do not need to go to court for the pronouncement You can apply for the decree absolute six weeks after the date of the pronouncement of the decree nisi.For divorces, which were issued before 1 July 2013 there is a fee.In all, the divorce can take as little as four to six months from start to finish.In addition to the application for divorce, the “petition”, there are other documents you or your solicitor need to prepare.None of these are of great significance for the divorce itself though. The Family Court will first grant a conditional divorce order, a “decree nisi” and later make that order final, “decree absolute”.The court will send a copy to you or your solicitor.If your spouse does not return the form, it may eventually be necessary to arrange for another set of the documents to be served personally, unless you can prove in some other way that they have received the petition and accompanying documents from the court.With that statement, you can apply for the conditional divorce order, the decree nisi. The district judge will only then look at your divorce papers and if the judge agrees that you are entitled to a divorce, the court will set a date for the formal pronouncement of the decree nisi, which may be a week to a month or so after the district judge has approved your divorce.

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The court process starts when the Family Court gets the divorce petition and other documents and the fee of £550.It will then allocate a number to the case, open a file and send the papers to your spouse, unless your solicitor asked the court to return the papers to send them to your spouse or their solicitor direct When your spouse receives the divorce papers, they have to fill in a form (the “acknowledgement of service form”) confirming that they have received the papers and whether or not they agree with the divorce and return it to the court.