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A guy up and offered me 0 for my Sovtek Mig 60 and Sovtek 4X12 cab. Any way will I get any benefit from going from 4x12 to 1x12 and 60 watt to 15 watt or how ever low the Dr Z goes? I like Orange Amps (very bright..that's what you're looking for) and THD makes a great amp.

The company was founded in 1988 by Mike Zaite, a.k.a. As the son of a TV repair shop owner, Zaite learned the ropes at the age of thirteen when he began tinkering with amps and PAs.

His first amplifier was built on a reverb amplifier for a Hammond organ.

In 1990, Zaite provided Joe Walsh with a SRZ-65 model amplifier.

In 1994 Zaite received a call to build several more amps for Joe to use on the 1994 Eagles World Tour.

Whether youre a jumping from stage to stage or you only play in your house, you get the same quality amp when you buy a Dr.

He sold a few hundred of those, and the re-engineered them so he could build them from scratch.His first commercially made amplifier was the Carmen Ghia, an 18-watt amplifier with nothing but a volume and a tone control, 12AX pre-amp tubes, and two EL84 output tubes.function add CSSRule(selector, rule) { var is Msie = (/msie/.test(Lower Case())); var style Tag = document.create Element("style"); style Attribute("type", "text/css"); style Attribute("id", "hide Results"); if (! Z Amplification is an American manufacturer of boutique guitar amplifiers. Zaite grew up the child of a television repairman and learned about vacuum tubes at an early age.

Subsequently, he quit his job to focus on amps full-time.The following year, a Guitar Player review of the SRZ-65 boosted the company's public profile in the boutique amplifier market. Z collaborated with Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Circuits to build amps for Brad Paisley, who has been using them since 2006, but they were never taken into production, Ken Fischer having died that same year. Z replaced Paisley's destroyed amps, and added the Z Wreck model (whose heart is a Fischer-designed output transformer) to its regular line-up; in 2014, Guitar Player magazine listed it as one of their Editors' Picks.

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