Dating divorced men with children forums mitochondrial dna dating

20-Jul-2015 11:56

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For myself that is fine, I love our relationship just the way it is.We have been dating now for 8 months and have no plans to end the relationship anytime soon.Its a very complicated and drawn out process that is undertaken and both the boys and girls are involved.Unfortunately the marriages are 'forced' upon the children due to social pressures and the belief that the children are to do what is necessary to keep their parents status and happiness in check. So as western individuals we need to accept and understand the India cultural if we want to build any type of relationship with an Indian individual.First and foremost understand that the parents have a large influence on the individuals. Ask the hard questions of whether this is just an affair that will never progress into marriage.These type of questions are always best asked when you are friends and not romantically involved.This is not an insult to you, but more to protect himself. I knew from the start that he was from a very traditional family.I have had many friends who has been involved with Indian individuals and the word got out that they were dating. For the Indian boys and girls that I have known, once the parents discovered the relationship, they demanded the child to return to India and married very quickly. I accepted this fact and the reality that we would never be married.

First I don't blame anyone for the above situation.

Finally the goy goes to India and comes back married.

I've read on several forums how American woman get really upset because they feel betrayed by indian men. Honest conversation something I will discuss later. The Indian cultural is still very traditional in the eastern views that the parents will decide and arrange for a partner.

In fact I'm in something similiar with one exception...

That way you have the facts up front and can make an informed decision.

If you choose to enter into a relationship with no marriage in the future, then understand you will probably not be introduced to his friends and family.

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