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12-Jan-2016 08:23

Applying in person Applying for disability in person will allow a claimant to directly ask questions to the claims representative who takes the application.

Additionally, local Social Security offices will allow claimants the option of having their application interview conducted over the phone for those who have mobility or transportation issues.

This is in line with the national average, though it will mean that as much as 70 percent of claimants will find it necessary to enter the appeal process before finally receiving a disability award from SSA.

The disability adjudication process in New Mexico is administered by the Social Security Administration and is regulated by the various rules, regulations, and court rulings that enforce the federal Social Security Act.

Note: If you have already filed a claim and been denied for disability, or are wondering what to do in the event of a Social Security denial, proceed to the reconsideration and hearing appeal sections below.

Level I: Disability Application - Individuals filing for disability in New Mexico will meet the requirements of the Social Security Disability or SSI program approximately 30 percent of the time on their initial claim.

Each application for disability benefits (in either the Social Security Disability or SSI disability program) begins with a claimant making contact with SSA via the SSA website or by contacting a local Social Security office.

The online application process does not allow an actual SSI disability application to be taken; therefore, since most claimants will not know in advance if their claim will be for title II benefits (Social Security Disability), title 16 benefits (SSI), or a combination of both benefits (known as a concurrent claim), it is generally advisable for an individual to locate their nearest Social Security office and make arrangements to file a claim.

While the initial claim, or disability application is taken at a local Social Security office, the claim is not medically processed there, nor is the decision made by the claims representative, or CR, doing the intake for the application.

After a claim is started, it is transferred to a disability examiner who will do the following: A) Gather the medical evidence from the treatment sources listed on the disability report form completed at the time of application.

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