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The three Followill brothers (who, along with their cousin Matthew Followill, comprise the band Kings of Leon) were raised on the road as the children of traveling evangelist.

Though their father eventually left the ministry, much of their childhood was (from our 2010 profile of the band) “straight out of a Southern Gothic novel: The three Followill brothers (Nathan, Caleb and Jared) grew up traveling the rural South with their father, Leon, a United Pentecostal Church pastor and traveling evangelist, and their mother, Betty Ann, who led worship.

When he struck it big as phenomenally gifted and famously sensual singer, it drove his father mad with rage.

In 1984, Marvin attempted to intervene in an argument between his parents, which ultimately resulted in his death.

His father shot him with a .38 Smith & Wesson which Marvin had given him for his birthday.

There are a lot of different stereotypes about PK's—some more fair than others—but maybe the safest thing you can say about being a PK is that it sets you up with some expectations. Some of them hightail it out of vocational ministry fast as possible.

Every Sunday morning, you're on a stage (sometimes literally), with members of the congregation going through a mental checklist of how you do or don't fit in with their preconceived notions of what the son/daughter of a preacher man ought to be like. And some of them, well, some of them go on to be stars. Joy Williams, who makes up half of the folk duo The Civil Wars, was raised by parents who were both in full-time ministry.

You know him as Alice Cooper, a man whose rock shows legendarily feature, according to Wikipedia, "guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors and baby dolls." So, he's definitely one of The desperately sad story of Marvin Gaye's relationship with his father—a minister in the House of God denomination—is one of the most famous and tragic in American music.

Gaye was brought up in a deeply abusive home, the frequent target of his father's brutal beatings.

Their childhood was characterized by all-night church meetings, healings and the Holy Spirit.” Some people have this idea that pastor's kids are a rebellious type, always bucking against their rigid upbringing.That rumor may or may not be fair, but it might have gotten started with one Vincent Damon Furnier.