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Our hearts go out to the brave victims and their family who have put up with much pain in coming forward with their stories. The two of us set to work to discover what was going on.Things broke wide open last week when Kevin Kaminky, the husband of one of the women who was allegedly assaulted, contacted Amy when he saw one of her tweets asking about the Boles situation.We have spread the word that both Watch Keep and TWW will print and stories of the victims, if they wish. He then started Harbor Family life Church in Keller, Texas. I just really like it, like the music." Speaking of the music, the church band brings down the house every Sunday, and brings up the hearts of those listening.

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However, as is the case at TWW, we only print stories that we believe to be true. However, he had learned that Boles had been rubbing women's legs and laps under tables, without their consent, during Bible studies!"It would break my heart for somebody to come into our church and feel unwelcome.Also, she noticed this other tweet and we knew something bad probably happened.Within a couple of days, we felt like we understood the general flow of the alleged events.

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