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25-Jul-2015 07:03

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The first shows genuine vulnerability, which is necessary for true connection. It is the fact of eye contact that tells you there is genuine connection here.People can make eye contact without really connecting.You can even look them right in the eyes in a connected or disconnected way.You may be ‘trying really hard’ to take care of someone and may still be giving off microscopic, but very loud, emotional signals that tell them you are not with them.

You can provide physical care in a connected or a disconnected way.

The pleasure that is possible in this experience is immense, better than almost any pleasure humans have made or found.

You can make a sandwich for your lover in a securely loving way or a disconnected way.

The second image looks like the of nurturance, but something extremely subtle is off in these actor’s expressions.

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And as you’ll see in a moment in the Buffy example below, people can be deeply connected even when looking away.

It is not the eye contact – it is the subtlest aspects of posture, the tiny muscles around the eyes that give away what is actually happening.

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