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If sales of Custodian do well, Piko Interactive plans on bringing more games to the Jaguar.

The Jaguar version is a port of the Atari ST game, and features music from the Amiga version.

Custodian is being professionally published and will include a cardboard box, color instruction manual, poster, and game cartridge.

The Stella at 20 tapes are available to watch in their entirety at

You can discuss the tapes with other Atari Age visitors in our Atari 2600 Forum.

But now the original, unedited camera tapes have been digitized and uploaded for all to enjoy.

Altogether, the tapes comprise nearly 14 hours' worth of rare and amazing material.

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Custodian features three area levels, many weapons and power-ups, and a great chiptune soundtrack.

Custodian was originally released on the Atari ST and Amiga computers.

Featuring interviews with Nolan Bushnell, Al Alcorn, Joe Decuir, David Crane, Al Miller, Tod Frye, Larry Kaplan, Carol Shaw and many others, the documentary was a treasure-trove of history, stories, anecdotes and insights into the golden age of Atari and the creation of the Atari 2600.

Available only on VHS, the documentary has been out-of-print for many years.

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Discuss online: 38 comments in Atari 2600 Forum Piko Interactive is taking pre-orders for their first Atari Jaguar release, Custodian!

The game is an arcade shooter in which you have to protect energy bases from parasites that are trying to drain it dry!