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Don’t be intimidated by the fact they look way better than anyone back in Cleveland. They will give you their phone number but genuinely not remember who you are when you call. Best just intercept them upon meeting them and take them on a date immediately since they didn’t have anywhere to go or anything important to do anyway.The best areas for interacting with ″models″ in south beach are Lincoln Road, along Collins Ave late at night after Lincoln cools off, around Nikki Beach after 11pm and a suburb called Brickel Bay. Miami is wonderful for meeting women because of all the great ethnic groups found there.The ″models″ are absolutely everywhere, waiting tables, working as hostesses at restaurants (less skilled but prettier), walking around with yoga mats or going to buy a wheat grass juice.

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I’m simply flattered that Charlie asked me to take a crack at it. Crazy boatloads of it, much of it arriving in crazy expensive boats and planes. Crazy boatloads of it arriving in, you guessed it, on expensive boats. When there are vast populations of hot women vying for the opportunity to ride in boats full of money and drugs, what you will always find is their natural predator, the asshole-douchebags (ADs) trying to snare them. Miami is the place where women test their nuclear weapons such as joining the many swingers parties to hopefully get one of the many rich guys to sign on the dotted line ensuring them of a life filled with money, boats, helicopter rides, drugs.This is the first of what I hope will be many entries from other contributors so that Single Dude Travel’s readership can get a taste of what’s going on down there. Please note that South Florida has our countries largest concentration of drug-rehab centers.Here in Miami, these girls just want to be recognized for being pretty and doing nothing nothing else at all.This charade of modeling is simply a way of getting attention, hopefully from successful guys who will marry them.

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There is a reason for this as it is not all sunshine and rainbows in the Sunshine State.

The first and my favorite category of women are models and girls who want to be discovered as models.